Sunday June 26, 2011

Well here goes nothing !!...

My first attempt at blogging.  My only question is what should I blog about???

   Of course my adventures in jewelry making. I'm completely obsessed with it.  I guess I could write about my family. My husband, four sons, three grandsons, and of course my three dogs. Not to mention the rest of the cast of characters in my life. I guess I could write about current events...hmmm like the Casey Anthony trial. That seems to be my most recent obsession.
  I wonder what other people blog about??? 

I guess I'll start with the 3 grandsons
Blake, Zander, and Korey :o)

1 comment:

  1. what to blog about... the eternal question! the best advice i've heard is to keep a notebook and write down blog ideas as they pop into your head during the week. when you get time to write you already have some ideas in front of you. And you can write more than one blog post at a time, just schedule some of them to be published at later dates.